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GPARE is very pleased to announce the opening of The Bridge Way School in September of 2011. Please visit the school’s website at for more information.

Over 150,000 high school students each year leave a substance abuse treatment program committed to continuing their road to recovery from alcohol or other drug abuse or addiction. Unfortunately, 8 out of 10 of these students who return to their previous high schools will relapse within the first year.

But there is hope. Across the country, nearly 30 recovery high schools have been established to help support students committed to leading sober lives as they continue their academic studies.  Schools committed to a structure and culture of recovery improve students’ chances for sustaining sobriety throughout adolescence and into adulthood.

GPARE is working to open the first recovery high school in the Delaware Valley. We will provide recovering students with an environment that will support their commitment  to sobriety and a strong, personalized and engaging academic program.

Find out more about GPARE and how to help students helping themselves.

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